Equality, dignity, and respect for people and nature.

End Unemployment & Eliminate Poverty
One Million Jobs with 100% Renewable Energy, Zero Waste Recycling & Organic Farming: Land and healthy food for all! 30 hour work week, permanent jobs, decent work, and a living wage for all. Circulate wealth in communities. Eradicate poverty & inequality; get rid of crime, corruption and violence. Increase security; Police accountable to communities & deal with priority crimes. Create local courts to deal quickly with local matters. Stop prejudice, racism, xenophobia, sexism, discrimination and exploitation. No limitations and conditions to Human Rights.

Ecological Sustainability & Free Services
Stop pollution and climate chaos. No dangerous nuclear power! Supply households with the means for renewable electricity production, and pay them to supply the grid. No cut-offs No load shedding No Eskom discounts to big industry. Adequate living allowance, free water, and free electricity, decent homes, safe communities, free best-quality health care, free top-quality equal education, community media and communication (radio tv phone internet) for all. Decent Public Transport, free for children and pensioners. Safe biking, cycling, walking and hiking.

Control Government & Control the Economy
Councillors must be accountable to communities. Right of recall & Right to set all public servants pay. Develop policy through mass public participation. Worker and community management, not privatisation – No Tenderpreneurs! Tenders through Open Public Auction; priority to local traders, small business & cooperatives. Apply ecological principles and community decisions to all government plans and developments. Stop Secrecy and Corruption. Stop the arms deal. No elite Mega Projects! Tax the wealthiest and redistribute to satisfy everyone’s real needs. Stop irresponsible and unsustainable business and industry. Stop genetic engineering.

With the people, for the people, and for our environment!
Real policies to deal with the real problems of real people!

Socialist: Solidarity Economy & Extensive Democracy
Green: Environmental Justice & Ecological Sustainability
Coalition: Think, Build, Campaign, Vote

VOTE SGC – The Only Alternative

Endorsed by:
Democratic Left Front DLF
Democratic Socialist Movement DSM
Operation Khanyisa Movement OKM
Palestine Support Committee PSC
Social Movements Indaba SMI
Socialist Party of Azania SOPA


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